Case Studies

Walklett Group develops mission critical IT systems for some of the most discriminating Fortune 1000 companies in America.  These companies trust that Walklett Group will deliver their projects on-time, on-budget, with the high quality that is required in the most demanding environments.


Walklett Group was asked to develop an enterprise cost accounting system for a Fortune 10 company that provides deep analytics for 70 different manufacturing plants spread across the United States and Canada. Each plant has about four or five different product lines and a corresponding general ledger for each.  Every month the general ledgers are imported into the data warehouse where approximately 7,000 users access the data using business intelligence analytical tools to support key management decisions.


Energy & Utilities

Walklett’s Crew built an enterprise data warehouse to monitor the market of the electric grid in 9 states in the mid-Atlantic. Based on consumer contracts and real-time power consumption, the system instructs the many power-generating companies when to turn their large electric generators on and off. The intent is to match the amount of power generated to the amount of power being consumed by each power generating company’s customers.  This saves the power-generating companies from overloading the electric power grid with power that won’t be consumed.


Walklett Group developed a market-basket analysis enterprise data warehouse to support 700 convenience stores including the automated reordering of products based on deep analytics including seasonal changes. The challenge for many large retailers, such as supermarkets, is how to manage the retail shelve space in their stores, which is limited and varies based on the location of each store. The problem is exponentially more difficult for convenience stores which have much more limited shelve space and much more diverse locations, not to mention perishable goods.



An analytical system to support a new drug application (NDA) to the Food and Drug Administration. Walklett Group’s Crew of data scientists sat side-by-side at the FDA with our client to support a new drug application by providing detailed analysis of the clinical trials. The amount data to support a NDA is enormous and it takes a team of experts comb through every facet of the data sets to glean critical information to support the safety and efficacy of the drug. This included in-depth charts and graphs to answer virtually any question that was posed by the FDA. Approved!